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Adult Instruction in the Catholic Faith

Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith?  Adult Instruction classes will be starting on Thursday September 19th at Coolock, (Stubbs Gate Newcastle - part of the convent Complex). These are suitable for  anyone who:

* is considering joining the Catholic Church,

* is married to, or is a parent of a Catholic, and would like to know more, to support them

* is a Catholic, but would like to deepen their faith

* would like to be able to explain (to friends/colleagues? other Christians)  more about what Catholics believe

* would like to come along and support others who are thinking of becoming a Catholic.

Everyone is welcome to come along to one, a few or all of these sessions. The first three sessions are informal introductory sessions, after which you can decide whether you wish to continue.

These sessions are friendly and relaxed, and very enjoyable. For those wishing to be received into the Church, this usually takes place at Easter, but may take longer depending on individual circumstances.

For further information, contact Father Paul 616483 or Barbara Davies 01782 436890

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23 Oct 2020, 07:04