LIVE SIMPLY Parish Award.

The livesimply award is an opportunity for Catholic communities - parishes, schools, religious orders and chaplaincies - to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.

What is the livesimply award?

It is awarded to communities who can show how they have been living:


in solidarity with people in poverty

sustainably with creation.

Almost two years ago we held some meetings, (which are always open to everyone in the parish) and sent in our application. We are asked to commit to three actions under each of three headings, live simply, live sustainably and live in solidarity.

These are our commitments:

LIVE SIMPLY: A Parish unplugged day: this requires action: We intend to ask the Parish and Schools, to try to reduce the use of electrical and electronic appliances as much as possible, for one day. This should highlight the amount of power that may be being wasted, and can benefit the environment.

Reduce waste and encourage consistent recycling. We have a council who encourage us to do this.

Create and use outdoor space for prayer and contemplation. There are outdoor spaces at St. Mary’s, Coolock, and behind the church.

LIVE SUSTAINABLY: A Walk to Church Sunday. We hope to encourage as many as possible to walk to church. If this is too difficult because of age or infirmity, then we want to encourage car sharing.

Encourage parish and parishioners to review the way they use and buy their power. The Archdiocese has set an example by switching its supplier to a renewable source, together with 15 other dioceses. Fr Paul has already included an appeal in the Bulletin

Encourage animal diversity by setting up bird/bat/insect boxes on Church grounds. We need to extend this to parishioners and schools

LIVE IN SOLIDARITY. Take part in ongoing CAFOD Campaigns, -- fast days/special liturgies

Become a Fairtrade Parish : support Fairtrade Fortnight; encourage use of Fairtrade tea/coffee/sugar for refreshments at parish events, meetings.

Work with other organizations, locally and in the wider world to provide practical support for those in need: Asha; Support for local refugees: this is well established with regular food collections,

foodbanks/Aids Hospice in Lusaka/ Fr Zenon/ street children in Colombia/ Christmas shoe box appeal, and so on.

Fr Paul has frequently used the parish newsletter to highlight some of this work and to encourage us all to live more simply. We provide encouragement in the newsletters with reminders of how we can do this.

We ask your continued support for all of the above.

Thank you,

Phil Mayland