Arranging a Baptism

Baptisms usually take place immediately after the Sunday 11.45 Mass at Holy Trinity, or at 2.30 pm on Sunday afternoon at Sacred Heart.

 Please contact us at least a month before your desired date.

What you need to do

1: For a baptism at Holy Trinity

Telephone Barbara Davies 01782 635410 and leave your details, 
or telephone Father Paul on 01782 616483

2: For a baptism at Sacred Heart, Silverdale

Telephone Deacon Neil Adlington 01782 624325

Baptism Preparation Procedure:

1. We will send you a form, which you should complete and return when you come to Mass.
On receipt of the form, we will arrange to visit you to discuss your child's baptism.

2. The Home Visit will be an opportunity for us to discuss your practice of the faith and any steps necessary before the baptism can be arranged.

3: Attend a preparation course. This is a 2-session course which takes place at Coolock
(part of the Convent complex on London Road, Newcastle).

We run these courses every month, normally running at 7.00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Couples (and godparents) get together with a cup of tea or coffee
and watch an excellent video programme, which has discussion questions. We discuss the meaning
of baptism and prepare you for this important first step in your child's Christian life.

Please remember that your choice of Godparents is important. They should be people who practising Catholics (in full communion with the Catholic Church) are able to support you in the Catholic Faith, and who will help you in passing on your faith to your child.

Children over five years of age

Children aged over five can be baptised, but need to receive some instruction, which we are happy to arrange.

Contact Fr. Paul if your child has not yet been baptised, as this important Sacrament opens to the door to all the other Sacraments.

Help, support and encouragement

We are happy to provide as much help and support as you need during the time you are preparing for the baptism.
Don't be surprised if this support involves us in encouraging you to attend Mass regularly! For many people, the baptism of their child is a welcome opportunity to return to the practice of their faith. If you have any questions about this, or about receiving communion (or arranging we can do this at the home visit.

Alternatively, you can telephone Father Paul to ask any questions you may have. (01782 616483)