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Association for the Propagation of the Faith 

(Red Mission Boxes)   

The Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF) assists each and every one of the Catholic Church's 1059 mission dioceses and territories to provide pastoral care and preach the Gospel effectively. Founded in Lyons, France, in 1822 by a young French women, Pauline Jaricot, who began by persuading local working people to support the missions by giving a farthing a week. A century later Pope Plus XI made the organisation the official mission-funding society for the whole Catholic Church.

The APF works in England and Wales with the Mill Hill Missionary Society, the only major missionary society to have been formed in England. Mill Hill was one of the first societies to introduce lay missionaries, and its priests, lay brothers and associates work in 27 countries and every continent.

The aims of the APF are educational; solidarity through prayer and funding in parts of the world where the Church is young, poor or both.

In England and Wales funds for the Missions are collected through the famous red collection boxes. These can be found in 170,000 homes and they have helped raise millions of pounds for the missions


How can I be involved?

If you would like a red collecting box and a regular copy of “Mission Today”, or if you could help in distributing and collecting boxes, please contact Paul Degg (details below)

Contact Details: 
Paula Degg: (01782) 560737