How to support the Parish during this difficult time

People have contacted me to ask how they can continue to support the parish during this period of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Below are some suggestions.

1. Use your Offertory Envelopes each week and save them until we can come back together to celebrate Mass.

2. You could convert your envelope-giving to a Standing Order.  If you would like to do this please send an email with  your  name  and  address  to the parish email address  We will send the parish bank details to you so that you can then set up a new standing order to the Parish using your own on-line bank access.  Your gift-aid declaration held by the Parish will still be valid.

3. If you do not currently use Offertory Envelopes but would still like to contribute each week to the parish you can download a form for a Standing Order on the diocesan website and pressing the ‘Donate’ button.  A one-off donation is also possible through the diocesan website  Select either ‘Newcastle’ or ‘Silverdale’ in the dropdown menu.

4. Post a cheque to the Presbytery, payable to ‘Holy Trinity Church, Newcastle’ or ‘Sacred Heart Church, Silverdale - make sure you include a name and address on the back of the cheque and please indicate if you have signed a gift-aid declaration.

Thank you for the many and various ways that you generously support the parishes.

God bless, Fr Paul



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